Listen up.

Content Guidelines

All Forty allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, photos, videos,, tips, direct messages, and more.
Like Mama said, please keep your hands to your self. Please reframe from foul language and mental abuse. Please take time to read the guidelines we gathered for our website

Inappropriate content:

We are all here to have a good time and support one enough, remain positive and indeed truthful on your reviews. We have ZERO tolerance for threats, harassment and hate speeches. ZIP ZERO.

Conflicts of interest:

Sigh. Business owners, Don’t make people write reviews. User’s keep it unbiased. Pweety Pwease. 


Promotional content

Please don’t promote your business on someone else business page. Create a listing and place all promotional info there. Let’s keep it Classy. 


All Forty is not the place for ranting about your employer, that’s Glassdoor. All reviews should be relevant and appropriate to business and the experience you had as a customer. To leave a Political rants review, go here.




Now every little thing that we do (that we do)

Should be between me and you (me and you)

The little things that we do (that we do)

Let’s keep between me and you (me and you) babyyy.

In other words, Please reframe for putting others’ personal information online. Try to be mindful of other customers around you. 

Intellectual Property

Keep your hands off of other peoples property. Use your intellects and create your own content.