How All Forty Is Empowering Black Communities Nationwide

How All Forty Is Empowering Black Communities Nationwide

All Forty was launched in June of 2020 by Tyara Barnes, a 35-year-old entrepreneur and black-in-tech lead advisor for GoDaddy. After the killing of George Floyd, Tyara felt an innate calling that inspired her to become a catalyst for change. In just four weeks, over one hundred thousand black businesses have been integrated into this revolutionary crowd-sourcing review site for black businesses, a testament to the power of black communities nationwide. 

“I saw everyone protesting, but didn’t feel a sense of real change,” said Tyara. “I knew I wanted to give back to the black community in some capacity. That’s why I started All Forty as a means to create a superior ecosystem of support for each other.”

The Meaning Behind 'All Forty'

Tyara actually purchased the domain All Forty two years before launch. The name has a
meaning that’s embedded deep within black history. In 19th century America, Field
Order fifteen was enacted by The Freedmen’s Bureau. Commonly referred to as “40
acres and a mule”, this motion was designed to help free slaves begin a new life. As a
tribute to our ancestors, All Forty was created

The Purpose Behind The Company

All Forty is built upon black support within our communities. It gives the black community and their allies an opportunity to buy proudly made black products and services. In turn, cash flow is
created to help alleviate systematic oppression.

“I have been constantly denied for various positions,” said Tyara. “After forty-four job
applications, I decided enough was enough. It was time to forge my own path and help
my people in the process.”

What’s Next For All Forty?

The All Forty website is on track for a July 7th 2020 launch. With over one-hundred thousand black businesses already in the database, All Forty is in an excellent position to achieve its goals. Additionally, a September 2020 launch is planned for an app. Over ten thousand responses from businesses on Facebook alone have been gathered by All Forty, a testament to the undeniable power and presence of this extraordinary business. Every step of the way, Tyara’s goal is to bring the community together in a thriving ecosystem of support. At the beginning of each day, Tyara continues to draw inspiration from her favorite quote: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Thank you for reading! To get involved, visit the AllForty.com website today.

We have set up a crowd investing with wefunder. To support click here: I want support All Forty. 

Contact Information: Tyara@allforty.com


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